Checkout this highlight video from A People Movement 2018!

This has really changed my life—not only personally, but professionally.
— 2018 APM Attendee

The APM Community

What exactly is A People Movement? Simply put, we have a passion for people and relationships! Who is part of this community? A little bit of everybody! We have our roots in the wellness industry. Who is a part of the tribe? Get some answers!

A Passion for People

We don't have a magic pill or a one way ticket to success when it comes to creating productive, thriving and healthy workplaces and organizations, inspiring community and working with people. So where are we going and how do we get there?

The APM Experience

Bike races, peer presentations, handing out shoes to strangers, collaborative work like leading someone blindfolded...unconventional and out of the box! Out with the workshop and in with the experience! Join us at our next event!

I feel motivated and challenged!
— WU 2015 Workshop Attendee
I’ve found my tribe!
— WU 2016 Workshop Attendee