Human connection is what we ALL came for, it is what we ALL got out of this event and it is what matters above all!
— 2018 APM Attendee

Your story matters. Your employee's story matters. Your customer's story matters.

Whether you know it or not, there is a story being told. How well are you telling it?


The plot is the framework or strategy and the story is the heart. Your company or organization may have a plot, but does it have a story? The story is what connects people: to each other, to the business, a purpose, goal, etc. How do you give people the chance to create and live out that story? How do you leverage the story of your business or even your employees to better serve the people? Part retreat and part workshop, A People Movement will address all of these questions and more as we spend three days together! Sound a little vague? Sure it does! Often times the real “meat” of our events develops once we have everyone registered and then it really comes to fruition when everyone is in a room together!


The venue for our APM 2019 is the amazing Lone Star Court in Austin, Texas! This location is sure to provide ample inspiration as we dig into storytelling and how it can impact your business or organization!

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With a limit of no more than 40 attendees, you truly get the chance to connect and network with everyone over our three days together, speakers included!

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Our passion for people inspires all of our planning for the event. Get ready for fun activities, passionate presentations and authentic conversations. You will walk away inspired and challenged! 

Overall great experience! So appreciated all of the passionate and smart conversations. Really liked that the message was ‘think differently, get out of your comfort zone, have fun and be bold’.
— 2016 WU Workshop Attendee

Highlight Videos · Relive the Experience

Click the images below to view highlights from the last two years...and get ready to be inspired as well as laugh!