Well, it is really more about HOW we think than WHAT we think...read on for a peek inside our mind!


There is no one way to create or maintain a healthy culture and we want to help professionals explore, experiment, and expand their ideas of what might be.

We aren’t “gurus", we just work hard to curate environments where people can learn and make good choices for themselves.

Organizations should work to ensure their identity aligns with their actions, a place where WHO the organization is, is expressed naturally and genuinely through WHAT they DO.

The focus of any good organization has to be centered on the people: people that work or volunteer there, the clients and customers that are served, those that you come in contact with.

  • We recognize that we should be extracting insights and theories from all scientific and social fields of research, not just population health management, in order to create high performing workforces and communities.
  • We want to help professionals move in a positive direction.  There is a lot to be learned from outside any one industry or field and we are inspired by some non-traditional "influencers" and want to make their voices heard, their theories discussed and their applications revealed. 
  • We feel that creating a healthy organization is not just one person’s or one industries responsibility, but a facilitative opportunity to work within Human Resources, Organizational Development or a future Corporate Culture or Productivity, Safety, or any other department in businesses or organizations.
  • This also isn’t our full time job, so we occasionally go “off-grid” and underground to work on other projects or to get inspiration from other sources to be able to share them with this community. 
  • We like to talk about the overall value that healthy, purpose driven people bring to an organization or community.
  • Successful, people-oriented professionals are molded by experience, passion, education, and a strong determination to improve the whole person is paramount! Certifications are a nice bonus too, but they are kind of a dime a dozen.
  • We are capable of laughing at ourselves, admitting our failures, and being healthily self-deprecating all while acting confidently in the belief that if we work collaboratively with other disciplines, we will enhancee the lives of people, organizations and communities.
  • We believe in the ability for community to support and challenge people to improve themselves and the greater good of all the people in that community. That’s why our workshops are so community oriented.


That is all fine and dandy, but where do we go from here and how do we get there? A rock climbing wall, 10,000 square foot fitness center, free lucky charms in the cafeteria, an espresso station, nap rooms and other "perks" don't mean that you have a great workplace.  Those are simply manifestations of an organization's beliefs, values and culture.  Not every employer offers those perks, nor should they.  There’s a big difference between climate and culture. While climate (what you see) is very important, culture (what you feel) may be a more powerful force than we currently recognize. Every organization SHOULD understand the theory behind what makes their climate and culture work collaboratively and work to discover what they can do to help their individual workplaces become healthier, more productive and more engaging.

Our first four workshops were a smashing success! The goal of the workshop was not only to educate and inspire, but connect people that can help support each other, share ideas and celebrate successes. Sharing a personal experience and staying connected on a common vision helps provide accountability, trust, exposure to different ideas, concepts and theories in a safe and fun environment. We want to create an amazing environment for brilliant people, provide a catalyst of inspiration and see where it takes us all.

Each workshop event is like a supportive network. With enough small networks planted throughout the country, we will have inspired a great number of professionals that are interconnected and encouraging each other to create healthy and thriving workplaces. So the answer really is, we are going a LOT of different places and there are numerous ways to get there. Join us as we journey ahead!